3 Ways Google Home is More Useful than Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a popular smart speaker product in high demand. The unique product has been selling by the millions, but in part, for some time, it didn’t have much in competition until Google Home came along. Smart speaker technology is used to connect Google Home to other services and devices throughout the home, the same concept with Amazon Echo via Alexia (voice command) and Amazon services.

Both products offer advantages, but Google Home may provide more benefits useful to those utilizing Google services like YouTube. If you are wondering which is the best option for your home consider personal interests, daily activities, and financial investment you are willing to pay. Here are three ways Home may offer more advantages than Echo.

1. More experience answering questions.

The Google Home concept features elements of Google Assistant technology. When users give Google Home a command, the technology associated with it is used to giving answers. In other words, many users of Google ask questions using the technology via other Google products, such as Android. Amazon Echo uses Bing to get answers to questions users ask, but its ability at the same time is limited. Google offers better search abilities and this is something consumers will want to take advantage of when it comes to getting the best solutions for their home.

2. Google services can be used with Google Home.

Google’s technology allows integration of Google Home with other services offered by Google. The same concept is available with Amazon services via Amazon Echo. If you use Amazon for shopping Echo can reorder products for you. Google Home offers similar support for other products including Google Maps, Google Calendar, and YouTube. Google Home can provide adjustments to travel routes, make changes to your schedule, or play a video. Echo may provide limited support for some Google services, but it doesn’t have a reliable connection to its technology like Google Home. The experience with Echo may not be as compelling with Google Home in this case.

3. Chromecast streaming is centralized.

Home is said to be able to integrate with other smart-home devices and apps, but Chromecast may offer a significant advantage. The company has sold millions of Chromecasts and this alone shows it has the potential to be a great entertainment investment when paired with Home. Meaning, users can play YouTube videos, select a specific television station or play music anywhere at any time within their home. Amazon Echo plays music while integrated with other Amazon products and services such as Fire-TV via voice command Alexia, but Google may have something that is easier to control while being more affordable. Amazon offers additional accessories to use with your entertainment system that can cost an additional $50 to $100.

Is Google Home for You?

Overall, if you like Google and its line of services Google Home may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. It also depends on personal preference. If you find yourself using Google services more often, you are more likely to benefit from Home more than Amazon Echo. If you invest in Amazon Prime and us its services and products more than Google, while finding them better suited for your way of living, Echo may be a better fit for your home. Continue to learn more about both products to learn which is best for your needs. Amazon has the advantage with Echo being on the market for a while, but Google Home may give Amazon Echo a run for its money after consumers get to know it better.