Movie Review for Logan


One of the best movies to come out so far in 2017 has been the movie “Logan” starring Hugh Jackman. It’s the last installment that Jackman will have as the superhero Wolverine, who’s been a part of the X-Men series. There have been a lot of people that were more than pleased with the film, which showed the darker side of the superhero in a future setting where, unfortunately most of the mutants have been killed off.

The movie doesn’t give very detailed explanations about how the rest of the mutants died. There are only a few that the viewer comes into contact with. This could be seen as a downfall of the film, but it could also be said that it adds to the mystery and simplicity of the movie Logan which, instead of focusing on the story of all of the X-Men and the mutants, focuses solely on Logan, Charles, and the new character called X-23, or Laura.

Takeaways from Logan

Warning: spoilers are about to start.

The Violence

One of the first things to note about Logan is that it is excessively violent. Those that have seen the previous X-Men and Wolverine movies will be somewhat familiar with this, but Logan takes the blood and gore to a whole new level. This all starts with Logan’s initial encounter with the gangbangers at a truck stop, when they are trying to steal his limo that he uses to make money giving rides to people. Needless to say, he takes care of them, and he doesn’t do so gently.

The Backstory

One thing that Logan does well is give the viewers a backstory of what Logan is up to now, how he’s gotten here, and what’s happened to the rest of the mutants. They don’t do in the clearest way possible, but allow the viewer to put the pieces together for themselves by watching Logan as a limo driver and listening in to the radio broadcast after the incident in Vegas. Perhaps this is what draws the viewers in to the struggles of Logan and Xavier, they are invited in to piecing together the pieces of the puzzle on their own.

Xavier and his Seizures

One of the particularly interesting things to note is how Logan needs to give Charles medicine in order for him to function. There is even a brief episode at their hideout in the beginning, where Logan has a seizure and it affects Logan and the other mutant they are hiding. It becomes apparent that there is something severely wrong with Charles Xavier, who was once the head of all the mutants that were fighting for the good guys. From his confusing babbling it becomes apparent that he is also suffering from some form of dementia or a degenerative brain disease, which the antagonists talk about later in the film as well.


X-23 is another important piece of the puzzle. She ends up being the girl that seems to belong to the woman who tries to get in touch with Logan throughout the beginning portions of the film. Before long it becomes clear that there is something special about her. And (spoiler, again) she turns out to be Logan’s daughter.

The End of Wolverine

The most significant takeaway from the film is that Logan comes to his end. He isn’t healing like he used to, and his body is being poisoned by the adamantium that is in him. The film appears to be the end of what has been the longest-running superhero franchise ever. Others, like Spiderman, have jumped around from actor to actor. Hugh Jackman stayed with us as Wolverine, and he will be missed.

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The Best Video Games for Younger Players


Although video games have been on the market for decades now, not all games are suitable for all players. The Electronic Standards Ratings Board provides rating for games based on the content suitability, but those ratings don’t indicate much more than a game’s maturity level. If you are looking for the best games for your kids, it’s important to understand not just the content, but the gameplay, stories, and characters. There are plenty of great games for toddlers and grade schoolers if you’re looking for something new to play.

Ratchet & Clank

This series of games have been in production since the Playstation 2. The latest offering for the PS4 reboots the first, now classic, game. It is a fun platformer with tons of cool environments to explore and wacky tools and weapons to use. Things like the Disco Ball gun make the game fun and funny for all kids. The difficulty levels can be adjusted as well so that it’s entertaining for all kids of players. It is definitely a great choice for action gamers that like a good laugh.

Super Mario Maker

The games of the Super Mario Bros. are part of video game history and legend now. This latest game in the extended series lets players create new levels using intuitive controls. Players can create and share levels with others, as well as playing the levels that come with the game. Available on the Wii U and on the 3DS, this game combines creativity and entertainment. Buy connecting with other players online and sharing their creations, kids can engage in endless creative fun.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Another long-running series of games, this is the latest in the ongoing saga of Pokémon games. The games let players collect and battle with all new types of Pokémon on an all new map of island regions. The games are great for kids because they do not have voice actors, so kids have to practice reading to enjoy the stories. The latest game in the series also offers fun connectivity via Pokémon training and online battling, giving kids a chance to connect with other players around the globe.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

The LEGO video games have gotten great reviews for a few years now. With fun graphics and funny stories, the series gives kids a chance to play with all their favorite heroes and villains from famous series’ like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. This games gives kids a chance to be a part of the Avengers and explore different parts of the Marvel universe. Kids that like comic book super heroes will have a great time with this game.

DragonQuest Builders

The popular series of Japanese role-playing games is reminiscent of classic Final Fantasy games, letting gamers play knights and wizards saving the world. This latest installment combines the classic series with the builder gameplay of games like Minecraft. Players get the chance to build a new town in the fantasy world and defend it from encroaching monsters. The game includes elements of adventuring, collecting and crafting as they create and grow their new town.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

This third-person shooter, based on the popular mobile games, is a great action game for single players and for couch co-op. Two players can compete via a split-screen view, trying out different characters that each have unique abilities and tricks. The game also offers online play if kids are looking for tougher competition. Though a less educational offering, the game does give kids a chance to play a shooter without being too violent or gruesome.

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Tech That Will Help Kids Succeed

Tech That Will Help Kids Succeed.jpg

Parents often worry that they’re not doing enough to help their kids succeed. They also worry that their kids are too dependent on technology. But the right technology can help kids succeed and can help them learn to be more independent. Of course parents shouldn’t allow their kids to become dependent on technology. But when technology is used in the right way and in the right amounts it can help kids succeed both in school and in life.


Tablet computers can be great for kids. They can use them to read books, draw and make art, take notes for school, and create multimedia projects that encompass science, art, and technology. Kids are naturally curious and tablet computers can develop that curiosity and help children develop their imaginations.

When buying a tablet for a child look for one that is age appropriate for your child and designed for a child. Make sure that you put it in a child friendly case that can stand up to being handled roughly. And monitor your child’s use of the tablet. Many tablets, especially those designed for kids, have timers that parents can set to shut off after a certain amount of time. That will ensure that your child doesn’t spend too much time on the tablet.

Multimedia tablets that can be used for homework and entertainment give parents options and give kids the chance to experience things that will help shape their imaginations and develop their desire to know more about the world around them. These days kid friendly tablets are so inexpensive you can buy one for each child that you have without spending a fortune.


Any parent who has ever answered 50 questions in a row from a child knows that once kids become fascinated by a topic they will ask a lot of questions about it. For parents this usually means a marathon Google session or saying that they don’t know over and over. Amazon’s Alexa is the perfect way to encourage a child’s curiosity without having to answer all those questions. Alexa will answer the questions for your child and give your child more resources to look up on the topic.

If you want to limit the kinds of responses that Alexa can give you use the parental controls built into the Alexa. That way you don’t need to worry that your child might be accessing information that isn’t appropriate for their age.

Monitoring Phone Apps

When you want to encourage your child’s independence but still want to be able to keep an eye on them kid monitoring phone apps are the best tools to use. You can use apps to locate your child, to limit the distance they can go from the house or the neighborhood, and to keep an eye on them with remote camera access. Some apps even allow parents to see their child’s text messages and emails.

Letting kids go off on their own once they reach certain milestones is an important step in their development. But it can be nerve-wracking for parents. With the many different monitoring apps that are available parents can feel more secure letting their children bike to the store, or walk to school, or go to the park to meet friends.

Giving children the chance to make their own decisions and be more independent will make them more confident and better able to make decisions on their own in the future. So if you want to really set your child up to succeed you need to let them develop some independence. Thanks to technology you can teach them to be more independent without giving up the ability to watch over them and protect them.

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Top 59th GRAMMYs Online Videos To Watch

Top 59th GRAMMYs Online Videos To Watch.jpg

The 59th Annual Grammys aired recently on February 12th on CBS. It was jampacked with excitement, fantastic performances, and of course, WINNERS! The music award show was hosted by James Corden, and attended by many music artists such as Beyonce, Adele, and Justin Bieber! Whether you already watched this year’s Grammys or didn’t, here are the top must-watch videos on the web!

James Corden’s Grammys Opening – (YouTube)

You always have to watch the Grammys host’s opening number! This year, late late night show host James Corden brought his singing, (more like rapping) skills to the stage! Being the hilarious guy he is, he started the opening with faking messing up. First, the trapdoor elevator didn’t work and then he fell down the stairs losing his shoe and mic! Then, he stuns the audience with his Hamilton-like Grammys themed rap! Who knew he had it in him! However, did you notice he looks like he was going to burst towards the end?

Adele Wins Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech | 59th Grammys – (YouTube)

One moment of the Grammys no one will forget is when Adele won Album of the Year for 25. First, she cries in amazement that she won this prestigious award after being out of the industry for so long. She praises Beyonce for her amazing album Lemonade, saying how she inspires so many people and she truly deserved this award. How touching!

Adele George Michael Tribute – (Twitter, User: Music 101)

If you tuned into the Grammys, you know Adele restarted her tribute to George Michael. Just like any artist, you want to do the person just. Clearly, from watching her performance, she had trouble at the beginning either listening to her own voice or was over-emotional about the tribute. Either way, her restarting the song was the best choice she could have made! She ended up nailing her performance of Fastlove.

Ed Sheeran Grammy Performance: “Shape of You” – (

At the Grammys, Ed Sheeran performed his latest hit, Shape of You, What was great about the performance is that it wasn’t a huge production like Beyonce’s performance. It was low-key with simple lights, him playing the guitar, and using his Chewie II soundboard. He is such a different and unique artist from many in the music industry.

Twenty One Pilots Wins Best Pop Duo / Group Performance | Acceptance Speech | 59th Grammys – (YouTube)

Well… this is a new one! After Nick Jonas announcing the Twenty One Pilots won Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance for their song “Stressed Out”, they took of their pants! That’s right! They accepted their award in their underwear! Usually, this is everyone’s nightmare but, their is a story behind it. According to the video, back when in Columbus, Ohio, at a Grammys party. They were watching the Grammys with their friends and realized they were all in their underwear. At that moment, they made the promise that if they ever won a GRAMMY, they would accept the award in their underwear. What a touching, weird story!

Grammys 2017 Fashion Roundup: From Adele To Katy Perry! (YouTube)

Finally, you can’t checkout award show videos without watching one about the fashion. Whether good, bad, or ugly, it’s always interesting to see what the stars wear.  All I can say is based on this video, it seems like sequins and shine are in! Carrie Underwood looked red hot in her dress! You can’t have a GRAMMY Awards with those who are wearing over-the-top ensembles such as Lady Gaga! If you can guess what Cee Lo Green was wearing, be my guest!

These videos just sum up some of the many things that happened at the GRAMMY awards this year! So, when you have some time on your hands, check out these videos on YouTube!

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Free your iPhone Using the Easiest Formula

Free your iPhone Using the Easiest Formula.jpg

Generally, it has been noted that the iPhone storage is always at a premium, especially if you have an entry-level model with can accommodate just 16 GB.  Most of us have experienced the pain o trying to download a new app or snap a few photos and seeing the annoying notification “not enough storage” message.  My sister was in the same situation.  Being a lover of music, she cannot help but to download every new music that comes along. She heard all the usual free up space tips, but she could not maintain the number of music she needed on her phone.  Thanks are to the new skills, ideas, and inventions that are coming up every day.  She was surprised that she has been wasting time trying to refrain herself from downloading more and more music.  She could not imagine how simple it was to get more space.  Even most individuals have never heard about this.  It is an honest-to-goodness magic trick, one that may fill you with joy while simultaneously making you a little mad at Apple.  Here is the deal.

The first step is to tap on the Settings app and then tap General >about to enable you see how much storage is available for usage.  Note the available space as the “before” number.  When that is done, you can proceed to the next step, whichs to Open the iTunes Store app, head to movies, and find any really large title.  “The fireproof’ The Wholves” ’Vampire’ could be a good choice at 6.83GB.  She justneeded to find a movie that requires more space to download than you have available on her phone.  Tap the Rent button twice, keeping in mind you will not actually end up renting it (and therefore will not be charged anything).

Once you see the dreadful message that there is not enough space available for you to download your rental, tap Settings.  Then navigate back to General > about and you should see a couple hundred megabytes’ worth of additional available storage, possibly even more.  The first is to repeat the process!  (That is, go back to the iTunes Store app and try renting the movie again.)  Each time, you should wind up with another chunk of freed-up storage.  Keep going until you have either too much free space (meaning you would actually be able to download the movie) or the available space stops rising.

You could not imagine that my sister was able to free almost 1 GB spaced. She just tested it on an iPhone 5c (running iOS 9.1, just for the record) that had 4GB of available space. Result after the first attempted rental: 4.4GB.The best news of all: There is nothing to lose for does not appear to be a downside to this. It is not as iOS is secretly wiping out your photos or something. Instead, it’s probably clearing out caches that shouldn’t be full in the first place thus suggesting this is a storage issue (if not outright bug) Apple should investigate.

It does not matter how free your device is at the time of purchase.  As you continue to add more files, the device also continues to fill up. It reaches a point where your device cannot take in any more and at that time you have important inputs to store and even the ones already stored are also very important. Selecting the files one by one may be very difficult especially when almost all the files seem to be important. Because the electronic consumer products are used almost every day, their storage is usually short lived. When this happens, there are simple ways that one can clear the storage.

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3 Ways Google Home is More Useful than Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a popular smart speaker product in high demand. The unique product has been selling by the millions, but in part, for some time, it didn’t have much in competition until Google Home came along. Smart speaker technology is used to connect Google Home to other services and devices throughout the home, the same concept with Amazon Echo via Alexia (voice command) and Amazon services.

Both products offer advantages, but Google Home may provide more benefits useful to those utilizing Google services like YouTube. If you are wondering which is the best option for your home consider personal interests, daily activities, and financial investment you are willing to pay. Here are three ways Home may offer more advantages than Echo.

1. More experience answering questions.

The Google Home concept features elements of Google Assistant technology. When users give Google Home a command, the technology associated with it is used to giving answers. In other words, many users of Google ask questions using the technology via other Google products, such as Android. Amazon Echo uses Bing to get answers to questions users ask, but its ability at the same time is limited. Google offers better search abilities and this is something consumers will want to take advantage of when it comes to getting the best solutions for their home.

2. Google services can be used with Google Home.

Google’s technology allows integration of Google Home with other services offered by Google. The same concept is available with Amazon services via Amazon Echo. If you use Amazon for shopping Echo can reorder products for you. Google Home offers similar support for other products including Google Maps, Google Calendar, and YouTube. Google Home can provide adjustments to travel routes, make changes to your schedule, or play a video. Echo may provide limited support for some Google services, but it doesn’t have a reliable connection to its technology like Google Home. The experience with Echo may not be as compelling with Google Home in this case.

3. Chrome cast streaming is centralized.

Home is said to be able to integrate with other smart-home devices and apps, but Chromecast may offer a significant advantage. The company has sold millions of Chromecasts and this alone shows it has the potential to be a great entertainment investment when paired with Home. Meaning, users can play YouTube videos, select a specific television station or play music anywhere at any time within their home. Amazon Echo plays music while integrated with other Amazon products and services such as Fire-TV via voice command Alexia, but Google may have something that is easier to control while being more affordable. Amazon offers additional accessories to use with your entertainment system that can cost an additional $50 to $100.

Is Google Home for You?

Overall, if you like Google and its line of services Google Home may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. It also depends on personal preference. If you find yourself using Google services more often, you are more likely to benefit from Home more than Amazon Echo. If you invest in Amazon Prime and us its services and products more than Google, while finding them better suited for your way of living, Echo may be a better fit for your home. Continue to learn more about both products to learn which is best for your needs. Amazon has the advantage with Echo being on the market for a while, but Google Home may give Amazon Echo a run for its money after consumers get to know it better.